Thursday, March 12, 2015

Welcome to Setter Boys

Welcome to Setter Boys, a blog about living with upland dogs.  I need to start by introducing the main characters, Fergus, top, and Jenkins, bottom.  Fergus is a six-year-old blue belton English setter and Jenkins is a nearly three-year-old tri-colored English setter.  They were named, sort of accidentally, after the Hall of Fame Cubs pitcher, Ferguson Jenkins.  Say their names together quickly and you'll get it.    

These pictures from last fall show them doing what they love most -- hunting grouse and woodcock in northern Wisconsin -- but since the upland season is only a few short months, they spend much of the year doing other activities.

Setter Boys will focus on the day-to-day life and issues of sharing your home and energy with a working gun dog.  I hope you can check in now and then.