Monday, May 11, 2015

Duty Calls

It's that time of year -- spring clean-up time.  After the snow melts and before the grass starts to green up, one of us has to grab the shovel and remove the winter deposits.  Much of our one acre is wooded, and the setters have learned to do their business in the trees.  But every once in a while, they leave me a little something to scoop up.  Which is OK, it's just part of part of owning a dog.

My mother's next door neighbors own three large dogs, and their house, situated on a postage-sized lot, is literally ten feet away from hers.  Not in tune with property lines, their dogs often leave her deposits, which she rightfully deplores.  I told her to collect them all in a bag, and when the bag is full, walk next door and ring the doorbell.  When they answer the doorbell, hand them the bag and say, "Here, I believe these are yours."  One of my former colleague's mother actually did this -- with a straight face if I remember.  It would probably be more neighborly to call these guys listed above.  

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