Tuesday, September 8, 2015

If Only They Look This Big .... 

I hope the birds look this big on Saturday for the Wisconsin grouse opener.  After shooting a couple of rounds of skeet over the weekend at the Cable Rod & Gun Club, it seems my shooting will need all the help it can get come this weekend.

With high temperatures predicted to be in the mid-60s over the weekend, it should be cool enough to hunt comfortably, at least in the morning.  It's still pretty green out there with most of the leaves still clinging to the trees.  I never know whether to shoot 9s (more BBs to find their way through the brush) or 7.5s (heavier shot to penetrate the brush), so I usually compromise with a 9 in the bottom barrel and a 7.5 in the top.

Fergus and Jenkins haven't hunted since May when we banded woodcock, and they're a few pounds heavy even though they've been going on runs with me.  The early opener is a chance for them to tune up as well so by the time Park Falls gets lively in October, we should be in fine shape.  We may even get a few birds before then, especially if they look this big when they come up.      

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