Monday, October 26, 2015

One More Week

Hard to believe there's only a week left in the 45-day woodcock season.  The woodcock moon occurs tomorrow morning, so with the heavenly bodies aligning, I'm expecting a last good week to the season.  We haven't seen massive flights of birds, but definitely days with lots of birds.  Here's Susan at the Woodcock Rock, a little pocket of cover that always holds a few.  This time it held a couple of grouse, too, which befuddled us since we expected woodcock.  Ah, the delightful dilemma of thinking woodcock and getting grouse or vice versa.    

Here's the first grouse shot with my Ithaca 37, a gun I bought this past spring.  It's a 20 gauge Ultrafeatherlight with the aluminum receiver and weighs just a bit over five pounds.  A bottom load/bottom eject design, the shotgun is a good design for lefties like me.  All I had to do was switch the safety around.  This is the first pump I've owned and the first I've carried in the woods.  I like how it points, but I'm not so adept at pumping in the second round yet.  That's usually not an issue since most of the grouse I put up don't offer much of a second shot.   

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