Monday, October 12, 2015

Summer Hangs On

Summer is dying hard here in the Upper Midwest, which is good for our garden, but not so good for grouse hunting.  Yesterday, the temp rose up near 80.  I went out early and hunted with Fergus for a couple of hours.  He was done by 9:30 or so, which he indicates by flopping to the ground on his side and panting like he is about to explode.  I just sit down with him and wait until he gets up.  I was bushwacking and came out onto a trail and ran into three other hunters, and he did his flop in front of this audience.  "He doesn't do so well in the heat, does he?" one guy said.

I'm seeing lots of woodcock lately and assume they are flight birds.  A lot of them are flushing head high and then dropping back down, covering about 20 or 30 yards.  Others are running away from points, if you can call what woodcock do "running".  Fergus pointed about ten yesterday, including a pair that came up at once.

Another cold front is predicted to sweep through Wisconsin this afternoon. It's supposed to drop temperatures, and maybe it will tear most of the leaves off the trees.  Should be primo hunting this week, like a real October.

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