Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hunting Before Work

We snuck in a short hunt this morning before work and the imminent rain, wind and snow.   Photos by Susan Parman.

Jenkins pointing a grouse.  He relocated a step to his left and flushed the bird.  It was a ways away, and we never saw it.  Nevertheless, I was not happy. I set him up and told him to be careful.

Jenkins tearing after me, trying to get out in front.  He is much more athletic than Fergus in the woods, but works closer.

This point came five minutes after Jenkins busted the grouse in the first picture.  I made a big circle around him.  Nothing.  As I worked back toward him, a woodcock twittered up and flew to the east. We wished the woodcock well on its journey to Arkansas or Louisiana.  We never did find that grouse. 

Calm before the storm -- it's thundering and lightning as I write this. Doesn't looks like such a good day for hunting tomorrow or Friday.  Winds in excess of 40 mph, rain, some snow.  Fergus and Jenkins wouldn't mind the conditions.  Any day is a good day to hunt to them.

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