Monday, November 9, 2015

Just Grouse

We're hunting just grouse from here on out since woodcock season ended in Wisconsin a week ago. There are still a few straggling woodcock around, and a couple have fooled me when the dogs have pointed them. I see paint on the ground or figure from the dog's posture that it's a woodcock, and then a grouse comes blowing out of the cover.  It's like expecting a curveball and getting the fastball.  This picture is Fergus pointing a grouse, his tail slightly higher than when he points woodcock.  Or at least it seems so to me.   

This time of year right before gun deer season is often my favorite time to hunt grouse if the weather holds.  The trees are stripped bare, the woods opened up.  Last year at this time, we had a 10" blanket of snow on the ground, which effectively ended the season.  This fall has been significantly warmer, and looking at the long range forecast, it appears this fine weather will continue.  These days in November are gifts. 

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