Friday, June 24, 2016

Wisconsin Grouse Numbers Up Slightly In 2016

Grouse numbers are up one percent statewide for 2016, according to the recent drumming counts from the Wisconsin DNR.  The central region saw the greatest increase over 2015 numbers at eight percent, while the northern region saw a four percent increase.  The southwest region, however, recorded a 27 percent decrease, which is bad news for hunters in the coulee region.  

Since most hunters pursue grouse in the central or northern regions, this fall looks to be better than last year numberswise.  The DNR says "declines in breeding grouse numbers may have ended till the next decline in 2021 or 2022. Good nesting and brood rearing conditions this summer should set the stage for the cyclic increase in the next 4-5 years."  Fergus and Jenkins are seven and four years old, and with the grouse cycle tending up, they should end their hunting years on a high note.       

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